Audit counseling

Auditor Ing. Jaroslav Kabát

Audit of financial statements

The role of the audit is to judge whether the processed accounting of the customer is in unison with the annual report and the company's financial statement.

The result is an audit report that should consist of:

  • Valuation of the data in the financial statement and the actual financial situation, valuation of the liabilities, the state of the property and the economic results of the company
  • Demonstrativeness, correctness and complexity of the accounting
  • A complex, objective and high-qualified judgement about the functioning of the company

We are also ready to provide our customers plans for effective measures to enhance the economic results and the healthy and successful development of their company.


University of Economy in Bratislava, Faculty of Management, department of economic information and control


Registered in the Association of Auditors since 1994 - license SKAU no. 522. Executes audit in approximately 40 companies per year.


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