ARCONEX s.r.o.

ARCONEX s.r.o is a private business corporation established in 1993. Its main activities are whole sale trading and technical support for industrial concerns. Further activities: supplying industrial sector with fuelling – basic industry and technological maintenance, geosyntethical materials, essences for stabilization and chemical additives for building industry.

It’s eleven years that BILANX Slovakia provides our company account agenda, personal agenda and tax counseling. The provided services are high-level and fully satisfactory. We highly value the flexibility, professional and personal approach of our partner in solving accounting and tax cases.



Casey s.r.o.

Casey s.r.o is a provider of restaurant services, entertainment establishments and sport areals.

BILANX s.r.o is our long-term partner. Their professional approach, reliability and mainly promptness strengthen our satisfaction with their services.



CET.IN SK, s.r.o.

CET .IN SK, s.r.o is a 100% subsidiary corporation to the Arconex s.r.o. It was established in 2000. The company's main goal is wholesale trading, including resource and additive supply for food processing and for the production of abstergents and household chemistry.

Since the establishment of the CET .IN SK, BILANX Slovakia secures the account agenda, personal agenda and tax counseling. The provided services are on high professional level and very satisfactory. We highly regard the flexibility and personal and professional approach of the company.



GEA WestfaliaSurge Slovakia spol. s r.o.

GEA WestfaliaSurge Slovakia spol.s.r.o, a company that is already present on the Sloavk market for fifteen years, is a part of the international concern GEA, residing in Germany. Apart of the main aim of the company, that is import, installation and service of dairy technology and cooling systems for livestock, we also provide technologies for livestock stabling and products for cleaning and sanitation of the dairy and cooling systems for milk.

We use the complex services of BILANX Slovakia for approximately five years - from processing the account agenda and wages agenda to economic counseling. We are very satisfied with the professional approach of their high-level employees: they are prompt, flexible and reliable.



Chemia servis a.s.

The main areas of interest of our company are dumping grounds, recultivation, building and reconstruction of roads and motorways, hydro-isolation and tunnel building.

We cooperate with BILANX Slovakia since 2002 in different levels; from maintenance of accounts through tax and economic counseling to supervising and financial planning. The eight years of cooperation firmly demonstrates that we are very satisfied with the services provided by BILANX Slovakia. The company presents itself with professional and correct approach and high reliability.



LightStorm Communications s.r.o.

LightStorm Communications s.r.o is a company providing server-housing services on high level, with emphasis on maximal reliability of the provided services.

We cooperate with BILANX Slovakia since 2006 and we are very satisfied with both the level of the services and their flexible approach towards our company.



Liko-s, spol. s r.o.

Liko-s.spol.s. r. o is a company dealing with construction and business that functions on the Slovak market since 1994. It provides and installs adjustable partitions type FAR Omega 100, acoustic ceilings ROCKFON, Multiwa mobile partitions, inLIKo inhall units, whole hall interiors via Living constructions division and ICYNENE thermal insulation.

Since 2001 we exploit the complex services of BILANX Slovakia in the areas of accounting, methodology and analytics of accounting, counseling in the area of taxes, wage processing and human resource management. We are very satisfied with the services of BILANX Slovakia and we appreciate the highly qualified approach of their employees. In the meantime, we appraise their pleasant and friendly demeanor.



Medico Uno s.r.o.

Medico Uno is a pharmaceutical company, dealing with the marketing of medicaments and freely purchasable medical products without prescription. We are present in the Slovak market since 2005. We are a part of the Medico Uno Worldwide that has offices in 8 countries in Europe.

The professional approach of BILANX Slovakia and their well-trained employees saves us from the burdens of administrative affairs so we can give a bigger focus on marketing. Our cooperation was formed immediately after the establishment of the company - we also utilize the opportunity of consultations and we are very satisfied.



Mundipharma Ges.m.b.H.

Mundipharma Ges.m.b.H is a pharmaceutical company.

BILANX Slovakia is a highly qualified professional partner with quality services and flexible approach of its employees.




The services provided by our company include service and installation of the following: Swedish wooden floors Kährs ,German laminated floors WITEX, Belgian laminated floors BALTERIO, Czech interior doors and doorframes SAPELI, wardrobes made-to-measure, electro-installation works and structured cabling, supplying and installation of lightning conductors, supplying and installation of burglar alarm systems.

We have an outstanding cooperation with BILANX Slovakia.



Zámok Vígľaš s.r.o.

The reconstruction of the Vígľaš castle.

We have a long-term cooperation with BILANX Slovakia and so far we only met with willingness, professional and qualified explanation to all questions regarding accounting, personal and tax affairs of our company. Our professional relationships are above standard, as our company resides in the office space of BILANX Slovakia in order to tighten our contact for the support of the challenging enterprising goals of our company.




The Association of Waterworks 

We are an association of entrepreneur subjects actively functioning in the area of water economy by course of law no. 442/2002 Z.z.

BILANX Slovakia secures the accounting of our group and the wage agenda since 2004. In the meantime, they represent our company in tax proceedings and provides us economic counseling. We are very pleased with their work as besides their reliability, correctness and flexibility they also possess highly professional approach towards the customer. We are looking forward for the coming years of continual cooperation.

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BILANX Slovakia as one of the first of their kind achieved an SO 9001:2001 quality certificate in 2005 from the independent certification body TUV Slovakia. More >>