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IMG 0294 2Bilanx Ltd. began its functioning in 1993 as a corporate entity, with accounting, wages processing and human resource management as its main interest. Later it expanded its domain to the related activities from the field of economic and organizational counseling.

In the present, BILANX Slovakia Ltd. employs professional workers with academic education, who are permanently going through skill enhancing educational activities.

Our experiences of the last 16 years are on a level that we can provide a complex service of activities in the field of economy to our customers. Right from the beginning, we put emphasis on the individual needs of the clients.
We communicate in English, German.

The cooperation with our customers is based on mutual trust, professional approach and timing flexibility. In the year 2005 our company earned an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate that enables us the realization of the principles of quality control. By upgrading work processes in the company and enhancing the career organization in all levels, we strengthen our competitiveness on the market.
In the meantime, we don't forget about the safety for our customers: the company is insured for every service that it provides.

We also provide personal consultations within the offices of our company, located in a quiet quarter of Petržalka, eventually directly at the customer's home, if they request it.

The main activities of our company are:

  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • single-entry bookkeeping
  • accounting of investment funds
  • accounting of non-profit organizations and political parties
  • accounting of budget and contributory organizations
  • account audit
  • methodology and analytics of accounting
  • wage processing and human resource management
  • independent inventory services
  • clearances
  • bank analyses
  • account, legal and tax consulting
  • audit


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BILANX Slovakia as one of the first of their kind achieved an SO 9001:2001 quality certificate in 2005 from the independent certification body TUV Slovakia. More >>